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Ruijie RG-NBF2100S-8GT1SC-P

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Ruijie RG-NBF2100S-8GT1SC-P

Monitoring, communities, small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized hotels, primary and secondary schools, factories, hospitals, etc. as integrated core chassis


รหัสสินค้า RG-NBF2100S-8GT1SC-P หมวดหมู่ ,


8-port Gigabit access 1-port Gigabit SC optical splitting uplink light network management PoE optical access switch (ONU) RG-NBF2100S-8GT1SC-P Three-year warranty

product features
  • Supports passive all-fiber LAN networking, with a simpler second-layer architecture and fewer maintenance nodes;
  • The all-optical network is commissioned in 3 minutes and the optical link failure is automatically alerted. The debugging and operation and maintenance of the all-optical network are so simple;
  • 8 Gigabit electrical ports, 1 SC Gigabit optical uplink port, all-fiber network networking, no lag when watching Blu-ray videos online;
  • The maximum PoE output power of the whole machine is 120W, and the maximum output power of a single port is 30W, so you are not afraid of high-power equipment;
  • It supports remote one-click restart of the camera, so you no longer have to go to the scene when something goes wrong;
  • The port lightning protection capability reaches 6kV, and the product warranty is 3 years.



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