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Reyee RG-EG105G-P


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Reyee RG-EG105G-P

Highlight Features

Auto-provisioning via self-organing network:RG-EG series realizes the industry-leading auto-discovery and auto-networking features for gateways, switches and wireless;
Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud managed: Remote fault alarm, one-click operation and maintenance on Ruijie Cloud App;
Multipe WAN Ports: Up to 4 WAN ports are supported for RG-EG210GG-P Routers.Up to 2 WAN are supported for RG-EG105G/RGG-EG105G-P Routers;
Full Gigabit port :Meet the needs of 200M xDS/fiber access,high-speed wired connectivity;
AC mode: Manage Reyee APs, saving cost;
Smart flow control:Intelligently adjusted the each user bandwidth according to the access bandwidth and the number of users to ensure that each user can enjoy better network experience;
IPSec VPN: EG Provide VPN services for headquarters and branches, up to 8 branches;
Enterprise Security features: IP/MAC/MAC-Fitering. Independent VLAN for guest , isolated from the internal office network;
Curved surface metal design, sheet metal stretching integrated molding;

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Reyee RG-EG105G-P


Port Isolation for security CCTV network

RG-EG seires supports per-port VLAN and network segment division, and provides a cascade port for surveillance switch expansion, isolating the surveillance network and data network.

Multiple WAN Policies

RG-EG series supports PPPoE, static IP, dynamic IP, and other WAN port connection modes, as well as smart routing based on the carrier address database, and policy-based routing for load balancing and active/standby switching. It also supports load balancing based on source addresses so that services such as online banking login will no longer fail due to IP conversion.

Single-cable IPTV

Integrating with RAP1200 series Routers Wall-plate AP, it supports single-cable transmission for both Internet data and IPTV data from the modem. The data is separated at the wall plate AP, and then sent to the IPTV set-top box and used to provide the Internet Wi-Fi service respectively.


น้ำหนัก 0.84 กก.
ขนาด 20.65 × 10.85 × 2.8 เซนติเมตร


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