5,236 ฿

Reeyee RG-EG105G-P Routers รองรับ 100 Concurrent users มาพร้อมกับ Switch Gigabit 10 Port จ่ายไฟ POE สูงสุด 70W

RG-EG105G-P Router is a cloud managed router designed for villas and smart home , restaurant, small offices, homestay hotel . it is affordable, small and easy to use,but at the same time comes with 500M-600M bandwidth and supporting up to 200 terminals. RG-EG series can perform per-port VLAN configuration to achieve port isolation, and integrate with smart flow control to achieve comprehensive network planning and perform local and remote network diagnosis.

รหัสสินค้า RG-EG105G-P หมวดหมู่ , ป้ายกำกับ ,


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Auto-provisioning via self-organing network:RG-EG series realizes the industry-leading auto-discovery and auto-networking features for gateways, switches and wireless;
Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud managed: Remote fault alarm, one-click operation and maintenance on Ruijie Cloud App;
Multipe WAN Ports: Up to 4 WAN ports are supported for RG-EG210GG-P Routers.Up to 2 WAN are supported for RG-EG105G/RGG-EG105G-P Routers;
Full Gigabit port :Meet the needs of 200M xDS/fiber access,high-speed wired connectivity;
AC mode: Manage Reyee APs, saving cost;
Smart flow control:Intelligently adjusted the each user bandwidth according to the access bandwidth and the number of users to ensure that each user can enjoy better network experience;
IPSec VPN: EG Provide VPN services for headquarters and branches, up to 8 branches;
Enterprise Security features: IP/MAC/MAC-Fitering. Independent VLAN for guest , isolated from the internal office network;
Curved surface metal design, sheet metal stretching integrated molding;

Port Isolation for security CCTV network

RG-EG seires supports per-port VLAN and network segment division, and provides a cascade port for surveillance switch expansion, isolating the surveillance network and data network.

Multiple WAN Policies

RG-EG series supports PPPoE, static IP, dynamic IP, and other WAN port connection modes, as well as smart routing based on the carrier address database, and policy-based routing for load balancing and active/standby switching. It also supports load balancing based on source addresses so that services such as online banking login will no longer fail due to IP conversion.

Single-cable IPTV

Integrating with RAP1200 series Routers Wall-plate AP, it supports single-cable transmission for both Internet data and IPTV data from the modem. The data is separated at the wall plate AP, and then sent to the IPTV set-top box and used to provide the Internet Wi-Fi service respectively.

ขอบคุณข้อมูลต้นฉบับ: https://www.ruijienetworks.com/


น้ำหนัก 1.5 kg
ขนาด 20.6 × 10.85 × 2.8 cm






Fixed ports

5 10/100/1000M Base-T ports,supporting up to 2 WAN ports(Default: 1 WAN port,4 LAN ports LAN3 can be switched to WAN1 port)





Maximum number of clients

Up to 100 concurrent clients

Local power supply

Support 220V AC local power supply

Power consumption


Network access

active/standby mode, carrier address routing, flow-based load balancing, load balancing based on source address, policy-based routing, port-based weighted load balancing of data streams, PPPoE dial-up


ACL, dynamic ARP, IP-MAC binding, MAC address filtering, NAPT, NAT, port mapping, static ARP binding

Other protocols

DDNS, DHCP Client, DHCP Option43 / 138, DHCP Server, DNS Client, DNS Proxy, DNS Server, NTP, TFTP

Flow control

IP-based automatic bandwidth assignment, Support custom flow control policies

Traffic audit

IP traffic visualization, Real-time traffic audit

Behavior management

Time-based and IP policy-based access control


IPsec VPN (8 tunnels) server and client

Management capacity

In AC mode, the maximum management capacity is 300, In gateway mode, the maximum management capacity is 32, Maximum manageable cloud managed switches: 128

AP management

AP online upgrade, AP wired port setting, SSID hiding, channel setting, STA blacklist and whitelist, STA quantity setting, Support multi-SSID configuration


Layer 2 roaming, Layer 3 roaming between APs, Support local forwarding roaming, viewing of STA roaming track

Port management

Loop protection, port mirroring, MAC search, port configuration, port isolation, port limit, static MAC, storm control

Status display

cable detection, MAC list, monitoring information, Port statistics, VLAN configuration

Upgrade management

batch upgrade, Per-device upgrade


Eweb and Ruijie Cloud

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